Established in 2006, Wuhan Huatian Innovation Trade And Industry Co., Ltd. is a quality supplier integrating the industry and trade, owning 2 professional factories of disposable medical articles and a factory of protective products. With a professional production workshop of 5,000 square meters and well-equipped live entertainment and relational facilities, we have cultivated a large number of excellent professional technical staff members to produce high quality products for our customers.

Wuhan Huatian comprises of 4 companies:
Wuhan Huatian Innovation Trade and Industry Co., Ltd. (For marketing)
Hubei Huatian Protective Products Co., Ltd. (Factory)
Wuhan Kangshou Medical Materials Co., Ltd (Factory)
Wuhan Jiabo Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Research and Development Tech Center)

At present, the main products include: non-woven products, plastic products and medical gauze products. These products are widely used in the industries of medical care, hotel, beauty, food and industrial security as follows:

Medical Care Industry: the most representative products are disposable professional surgical kits for brain surgery/cardiothoracic surgery/caesarean operation/ophthalmic surgery, disposable surgical gown (SMS, SMMS, Reinforced SMS, Spunlace), disposable PP isolation gown, disposable SMS/PP coverall, disposable sheet for operation table, SMS/PP patient gown, SMS/PP visitor gown, SMS/PP doctor/nurse caps, surgical mask, etc.

Beauty, Hotel and Food Industries: the most representative products are face rest cover, short fibre cook cap, transparent anti-fog mask, SMS/PP spunlace sauna suit/kimono, strapless dress, disposable cotton/SMS/PP/spunlace pants, hotel PE shower cap, brassiere, table/chair cover for meeting room, PE shoe cover, PP/spunlace bed sheet, microphone cover, etc.

Industrial Security Industry: the most representative products are disposable PP/SMS/SF protective clothing, disposable PP/SMS lab coat, disposable visitor gown, anti-static SMS/SF working clothing, cap for working woman, bouffant cap, mob cap, anti-static shoe cover, etc.

We have our independent product brand of Gold Palm and boast the annual production capacity of 1,100,000 disposable surgical gowns, 500,000 various specialized surgical kits, 3,000,000 patient gowns, 10,000,000 hotel sauna suits. Our research and development tech center is committed to providing our customers with the latest technology and the most practical solutions to meet all their needs. The workflow of our company is managed with the state-of-the-art CRM/ERP; Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485 Quality Management System Certification, China Medical Device Manufacturing License (Second Class) Qualification, and various certificates such as CE, FDA, GOST, etc.

We possess experienced professional production teams, a full range of products and extremely high productivity. Our staff members are all young and energetic. Everybody works happily and diligently. It is our responsibility and mission to provide the customers with our best service. We are committed to providing our customers with the best service, the highest quality products, the most competitive prices and the most punctual delivery capacity.

If you are interested in any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us!