Work ware features and benefits


High structural strength with excellent tensile, tear and abrasion resistance .
Anti-static (EN1149-1). Helps to prevent build-up of Static Electricity, which can be a majot safety risk in certain industries (Petrochemical Industry) .
Breathable (helping prevent heat stress) and providing comfortable working conditions .
Particle Protection: holding out 99% of fibres and hazardous particles greater then 1 micron.
Outstanding barrier against a wide range of chemicals and aerosols. Test method EN368 offers 100% protection against Petricide,Xylene Methyl Pentane,Acetone .
Silicone free and ultra low linting. Ideal for use in critical painting applications and reducing the risk of contamination (semi-conductor industry and telecommunications) .
Lightweight, durable with superior soft comfort.Complete with elastic hood or double collar, wrists, waist and ankles + zipper. Cover flap with self adhesive tape,providing additional protection.
Also has reinforcing crotch pleats, providing superior tear resistance.
CE Test Certification covering chemical protective clothing Type 6 qnd Type 5 protection, enabling MICROPOROUS COVERALL to be distributed globally.